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This is a collection of resources for science educators, featuring our children's titles, resources for high school and beyond, as well as Double Helix science magazine for kids.

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Children's BooksTop of Page

 Bouncing Back cover image

Bouncing Back
An Eastern Barred Bandicoot Story
Rohan Cleave, Coral Tulloch
DUE April 2018 - CSIRO Publishing - Teacher Notes Available!
Hardback - 9781486308279 -    $24.95

 Phasmid cover image

Saving the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect
Rohan Cleave, Coral Tulloch
2016 CBCA 'Honour Book' - Eve Pownall Award for Information Books
2015 - CSIRO Publishing - Teacher Notes Available!
Hardback - 9781486301126 -    $24.95

 Exploring Soils cover image

Exploring Soils
A Hidden World Underground
Samantha Grover, Camille Heisler
2017 - CSIRO Publishing - Teacher Notes Available!
Hardback - 9781486305001 -    $24.95

 Hands-On Science cover image

Hands-On Science
50 Kids' Activities from CSIRO
Sarah Kellett, David Shaw, Kath Kovac
2016 - CSIRO Publishing
Paperback - 9781486306145 -    $24.95

 Polar Eyes cover image

Polar Eyes
An Antarctic Journey
Tanya Patrick, Nicholas Hutcheson
2010 - CSIRO Education Programs
Hardback - 9780643096103 -    $24.95

 Animal Eco-Warriors cover image

Animal Eco-Warriors
Humans and Animals Working Together to Protect Our Planet
Nic Gill
2017 - CSIRO Publishing - Teacher Notes Available!
Paperback - 9781486306213 -    $24.95

 Imagining the Future cover image

Imagining the Future
Invisibility, Immortality and 40 Other Incredible Ideas
Simon Torok, Paul Holper
2016 - CSIRO Publishing - Teacher Notes Available!
Paperback - 9781486302727 -    $24.95

 Chemistry in the Marketplace cover image

Chemistry in the Marketplace
Ben Selinger, Russell Barrow
Jun 2017 - CSIRO Publishing
Paperback - 9781486303328 -    $69.95

 Zoo Ethics cover image

Zoo Ethics
The Challenges of Compassionate Conservation
Jenny Gray
Jul 2017 - CSIRO Publishing - Teacher Notes Available!
Paperback - 9781486306985 -    $49.95

 Darwin's Fossils cover image

Darwin's Fossils
Discoveries that Shaped the Theory of Evolution
Adrian Lister
2018 - CSIRO Publishing - 224pp - Colour photographs
Paperback - 9781486309450 -    $29.95

 The Marine World cover image

The Marine World
A Natural History of Ocean Life
Frances Dipper
2016 - CSIRO Publishing
Hardback - 9781486306497 -    $89.95

 Scientific Writing = Thinking in Words cover image

Scientific Writing = Thinking in Words
David Lindsay
2011 - CSIRO Publishing
Paperback - 9780643100466 -    $29.95

MagazinesTop of Page

Various Double Helix magazine covers

Double Helix magazine
Double Helix is a fun, inspiring and educational magazine for kids and early teans. Each issue features articles about science, technology, engineering and maths, as well as activities, puzzles, comics and prizes.
Subscribe online at doublehelix.csiro.au

Double Helix Issue 21 magazine cover

Double Helix single issues
The latest issue of Double Helix magazine and many back issues can be purchased as single issues from CSIRO Publishing.
View catalogue here.

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Maths by Email
Maths by Email is a free fortnightly email newsletter featuring maths news, activities, puzzles and more.
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Science by Email
Science by Email is a free fortnightly email newsletter for students, teachers and anyone with an interest in science.
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Digital LessonsTop of Page

Double Helix Lessons logo

Double Helix Lessons from CSIRO
Ignite a passion for science amongst your students with Double Helix Lessons from CSIRO. Mapped to the Australian Curriculum, Double Helix Lessons is a suite of online interactive science lessons for upper primary school students designed to make it easy for any school to supercharge their science program.
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