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The identity of the fossil ducks described from Australia by C.W. De Vis

SL Olson

Emu 77(3) 127 - 131
Published: 1977


The type material of the nine species of fossil ducks described from Australia by C. W. De Vis was restudied and lectotypes designated for all species based on series. No valid extinct species were represented. Nyroca robusta is a synonym of Anas superciliosa. Nyroca reclusa and Anas elapsa are synonyms of Aythya australis. Nyroca effodiata is a synonym of 'Leucosarcia proevisa' De Vis and is not a duck at all. Anus strenua, Anas gracilipes and Nettapus eyrensis are synonyms of Anas castanea, which species evidently had a wider range in the late Pleistocene than at present. Dendrocygna validipinnis and Biziura exhumata are synonyms of Biziura lobata, although the Plio-Pleistocene form may have been slightly smaller, in which case it would be known as Biziura lobata validipinnis.


© Royal Australian Ornithologists Union 1977

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