Emu Emu Society
Journal of BirdLife Australia

A survey of birds in Westernport Bay, Victoria, 1973-74

RH Loyn

Emu 78(1) 11 - 19
Published: 1978


A survey of birds in intertidal areas of Westernport Bay was begun in October 1973 and is continuing. This paper describes results of the first year's fieldwork. A monthly census at high-tide roosts was carried out with the help of the Bird Observers' Club and other voluntary observers. In thk year the Bay sup- ported a population of about 17,000 waders and 18,400 other shore birds. Some species were commoner in Westernport Bay than in other parts of Victoria: Eastern Curlew, Whimbrel, Bar-tailed Godwit, Greenshank, Grey-tailed Tattler and Terek Sandpiper. The distribution of mangroves and time of expo- sure of mudflats appear to be important factors involved in determining distribution and abundance of birds.


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