Emu Emu Society
Journal of BirdLife Australia

Hybridization between contiguous subspecies of the Varied Sittella in Queensland

J Ford

Emu 80(1) 1 - 12
Published: 1980


The merging of Neositta and Daphoenositta and the recognition of a single species D. chrysoptera in Australia are supported. Hybridization between D. c. chrysoptera and D. c. leucocephala is analysed by hybrid index method and shown to be geographically extensive. The forms D. c. albata and D. c. magnirostris are considered to represent segments of a broad zone of intergrading populations between D. c. leucocephala and D. c. striata. Evidence for hybridization between D. c. leucoptera and D. c. striata is still meagre though their ranges abut. The deep hybrid zone between D. c. pileata and D. c. chrysoptera extends from central and western Victoria through western New South Wales to almost central Queensland. Complex patterns of intergradation apparently exist in central Queensland where the ranges of three to five subspecies come together.


© Royal Australian Ornithologists Union 1980

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