Emu Emu Society
Journal of BirdLife Australia

The Social Life of the Apostlebird Struthidea cinerea

Graeme Chapman

Emu 98(3) 178 - 183
Published: 1998


A resident population of Apostlebirds was studied for six years on Toganmain Station near Hay on the western plains of New South Wales. Family groups averaged nine birds. The activities of one colour-banded group were studied closely and several other groups with fewer marked individuals as opportunity allowed. Nest building, brooding and feeding nestlings were shared within the group. While nesting, groups remained within a territory of about 25 ha; at other times they were not seen more than one km away from the breeding territory. Groups consisted of the breeding pair plus their progeny but breakaway groups also formed. The youngest known-age breeding bird was in its third year but birds two years old were sexually active.


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