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An overview of the regulatory planning system in New South Wales: identifying points of intervention for health impact assessment and consideration of health impacts

Patrick J. Harris A B , Ben F. Harris-Roxas A and Elizabeth Harris A
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A Centre for Health Equity Training, Research & Evaluation (CHETRE), University of New South Wales

B Corresponding author. Email:

NSW Public Health Bulletin 18(10) 188-191
Published: 26 September 2007


The experience of health impact assessment (HIA) in NSW has shown that it is possible to incorporate considerations of health impacts into decision-making concerning urban planning. In NSW, the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 is the regulatory framework governing urban planning. This legislative system provides opportunities for HIA and the consideration of health impacts as part of developing plans, policies and development proposals within NSW.


We would like to thank Dr Danny Wiggins (planning and design consultant and private developer) for comments on drafts of this paper.


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