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Flora of Australia Volume 51

Enlarge Cover

Flora of Australia Volume 51

Mosses 1

Flora of Australia Series

Australian Biological Resources Study  

Index, Illustrations, Colour photographs
472 pages, 248 x 174 mm
Publishers: CSIRO Publishing / Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)

    Hardback - 2006
ISBN: 9780643092402 - AU $130.00

    Paperback - 2006
ISBN: 9780643092419 - AU $105.00



Flora of Australia Volume 51: Mosses 1 is the first of three volumes describing and illustrating more than 1000 species of Australian mosses. Together they will represent the first national account of these diverse and ecologically significant organisms. The main features of the first volume are: an introduction documenting 200 years of research on Australian mosses; moss classification and an overview of morphology and sexuality; an account of ecology and biodiversity; the origin and evolution of mosses; fossil bryophytes; and a key to the more than 300 genera of mosses known from Australia and its island territories.

This volume includes traditional, Flora of Australia-style descriptions of 22 families, 42 genera and 238 species and infra-specific taxa, including synonymy, specimen citations and notes on habitat and distribution. Distribution maps are provided for species and infra-specific taxon as well as more than 50 pages of line-art illustrating habit and anatomy and 64 colour photographs.


  • Includes a key to the more than 300 genera of mosses known from Australia and its island territories
  • Contains more than 50 pages of the highest quality line-art illustrating habit and anatomy of Australian mosses
  • 64 colour photographs

  • Introduction
  • History of Research on Australian Mosses
  • Introduction to Mosses
  • Fossil Record of Bryophytes
  • Key to the Genera of Australian Mosses
  • Maps
  • Appendix: New taxa, combinations and lectotypifications
  • Glossary
  • Abbreviations & Contractions
  • Publication dates of previous volumes
  • Index

 Plant taxonomists, professional and amateur bryologists worldwide; herbaria and academic libraries. 

 "The treatments are well researched and written and the pertinent diagnostic characters drawn to the high standards one expects from these authors. It is a most welcome and valuable addition to the bryologist's library."
John Steel, Australasian Bryological Newsletter, April 2007

"This publication is an essential reference for all those with an interest in bryophytes."
Alison Downing, Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, September 2006

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