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Australian Mammalogy
  The Journal of the Australian Mammal Society
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Australian Mammalogy is an important source of information on all aspects of the biology of Australasian mammals – both native and introduced. More

Editor: Ross Goldingay


blank image Australian Mammalogy
Volume 37 Number 2 2015

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Distribution and habitat preference of the broad-toothed rat (Mastacomys fuscus) in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia 
blank image
Richard N. C. Milner , Danswell Starrs , Greg Hayes and Murray C. Evans
pp. 125-131

blank image blank image blank image

North Kimberley Mammals – on the fringe of the high-rainfall zone 
blank image
Jeff Turpin
pp. 132-145

blank image blank image blank image

The diet of the common wombat (Vombatus ursinus) above the winter snowline in the decade following a wildfire 
blank image
K. Green , N. E. Davis and W. A. Robinson
pp. 146-156

blank image blank image blank image

Seasonal home range and habitat use of a critically endangered marsupial (Bettongia penicillata ogilbyi) inside and outside a predator-proof sanctuary 
blank image
Georgina J. Yeatman and Adrian F. Wayne
pp. 157-163

blank image blank image blank image

Prey of the silver-headed antechinus (Antechinus argentus), a new species of Australian dasyurid marsupial 
blank image
Eugene D. Mason , Chris J. Burwell and Andrew M. Baker
pp. 164-169

blank image blank image blank image

Captive management and the maintenance of genetic diversity in a vulnerable marsupial, the greater bilby 
blank image
Emily J. Miller , Mark D. B. Eldridge , Keith Morris , Neil Thomas and Catherine A. Herbert
pp. 170-181

blank image blank image blank image

Mapping the likelihood of koalas across New South Wales for use in Private Native Forestry: developing a simple, species distribution model that deals with opportunistic data 
blank image
Martin Predavec , Daniel Lunney , Ian Shannon , Dave Scotts , John Turbill and Bill Faulkner
pp. 182-193
    | Supplementary Material (1.4 MB)

blank image blank image blank image

Consumption of crops by feral pigs (Sus scrofa) in a fragmented agricultural landscape 
blank image
Matthew Gentle , James Speed and Darren Marshall
pp. 194-200

blank image blank image blank image

Diet of mala (Lagorchestes hirsutus) at Uluru–Kata Tjuta National Park and comparison with that of historic free-ranging mala in the Tanami Desert: implications for management and future reintroductions 
blank image
Jim A. Clayton , Chris R. Pavey , Karl Vernes and Elizabeth Jefferys
pp. 201-211

blank image blank image blank image

Factors that influence trap success of sandhill dunnarts (Sminthopsis psammophila) and other small mammals in Triodia dunefields of South Australia 
blank image
John L. Read , Matthew J. Ward and Katherine E. Moseby
pp. 212-218

blank image blank image blank image

Dietary overlap between sympatric dingoes and feral cats at a semiarid rangeland site in Western Australia 
blank image
Tim S. Doherty
pp. 219-224

blank image blank image blank image

Temperature variation in nest boxes in eastern Australia 
blank image
Ross L. Goldingay
pp. 225-233

blank image blank image blank image

Successful reintroduction of red-tailed phascogale to Wadderin Sanctuary in the eastern wheatbelt of Western Australia 
blank image
Jeff Short and Andrew Hide
pp. 234-244

blank image blank image blank image

Seasonal oestrous cycle activity of captive female koalas in south-east Queensland 
blank image
K. Ballantyne , A. Lisle , A. Mucci and S. D. Johnston
pp. 245-252

blank image blank image blank image

Reproductive ecology of the northern brown bandicoot (Isoodon macrourus) in habitat fragments of urban Brisbane 
blank image
Sean I. FitzGibbon
pp. 253-259

blank image blank image blank image

Burrowing behaviour of the delicate mouse (Pseudomys delicatulus) and the management implications for a threatened sympatric rodent (Notomys aquilo) 
blank image
Rebecca L. Diete , Susan M. Adamczyk , Paul D. Meek , Christopher R. Dickman and Luke K.-P. Leung
pp. 260-263
    | Supplementary Material (7.8 MB)

blank image blank image blank image

Corrigendum to: Use of motion activated remote cameras to detect the endangered spotted-tail quoll (Dasyurus maculatus): results from a pilot study 
blank image
Chris M. McLean , Angelica Vårhammar and Katarina M. Mikac
pp. 264-264
 |    Corrigendum PDF (75 KB) - $25.00  

blank image blank image blank image

These articles have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication. They are still in production and have not been edited, so may differ from the final published form.

    AM15019  Accepted 20 August 2015
    Interpreting patterns of population change in koalas from long-term datasets in Coffs Harbour on the north coast of New South Wales
    Dan Lunney, Martin Predavec, Indrie Miller, Ian Shannon, Mark Fisher, Chris Moon, Alison Matthews, John Turbill, Jonathan Rhodes

    AM15017  Accepted 17 August 2015
    Quantification of salivary cortisol from captive dingoes (Canis dingo) in relation to age, sex, and breeding season: implications for captive management
    Bradley Smith, Matthew Flavel, Bradley Simpson

    AM15015  Accepted 15 August 2015
    Oils ain't oils: can truffle-infused food additives improve detection of rare and cryptic mycophagous mammals?
    Andrew Claridge, David J. Paull, Ross Cunningham

    AM15024  Accepted 12 August 2015
    Comment on a research note reporting new populations of the northern quoll in Western Australia.
    M Westerman, Pat Woolley

    AM14041  Accepted 29 July 2015
    Ryan Ellis, Peter Spencer, Jeremiah Doody, Thomas Parkin

    AM15010  Accepted 27 July 2015
    A case of melanoma in a native Australian murid, the spinifex hopping-mouse (Notomys alexis).
    Julie Old, Mitchell Price


The Most Read ranking is based on the number of downloads from the CSIRO PUBLISHING website of articles published in the previous 12 months. Usage statistics are updated daily.

Rank Paper Details
1. Published 13 March 2015
The pitfalls of wildlife camera trapping as a survey tool in Australia

Paul D. Meek, Guy-Anthony Ballard and Peter J. S. Fleming

2. Published 13 March 2015
Making a killing: photographic evidence of predation of a Tasmanian pademelon (Thylogale billardierii) by a feral cat (Felis catus)

Bronwyn A. Fancourt

3. Published 5 September 2014
Rapid decline in detections of the Tasmanian bettong (Bettongia gaimardi) following local incursion of feral cats (Felis catus)

Bronwyn A. Fancourt

4. Published 13 March 2015
The history of wildlife camera trapping as a survey tool in Australia

Paul D. Meek, Guy-Anthony Ballard, Karl Vernes and Peter J. S. Fleming

5. Published 5 September 2014
The habitat and diet of koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) in Queensland

Alistair Melzer, Romane Cristescu, William Ellis, Sean FitzGibbon and Gabriella Manno

6. Published 5 September 2014
Genetic monitoring reveals significant population structure in eastern quolls: implications for the conservation of a threatened carnivorous marsupial

Maria J. Cardoso, Nick Mooney, Mark D. B. Eldridge, Karen B. Firestone and William B. Sherwin

7. Published 13 March 2015
Use of motion-activated remote cameras to detect the endangered spotted-tailed quoll (Dasyurus maculatus): results from a pilot study

Chris M. McLean, Angelica Vårhammar and Katarina M. Mikac

8. Published 13 March 2015
The use of topographic fire refuges by the greater glider (Petauroides volans) and the mountain brushtail possum (Trichosurus cunninghami) following a landscape-scale fire

Laurence E. Berry, Don A. Driscoll, Samuel C. Banks and David B. Lindenmayer

9. Published 13 March 2015
Estimating the abundance of the bilby (Macrotis lagotis): a vulnerable, uncommon, nocturnal marsupial

Gregory William Lollback, Rachel Mebberson, Niki Evans, Jonathan David Shuker and Jean-Marc Hero

10. Published 13 March 2015
A new population of the northern quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus) on the edge of the Little Sandy Desert, Western Australia

Jeff M. Turpin and Mike J. Bamford

11. Published 5 September 2014
Surfacing behaviour and ecology of the marsupial mole (Notoryctes typhlops) at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Kerrie Bennison, Jim Clayton, Robert Godfree, Chris Pavey and Melinda Wilson

12. Published 5 September 2014
Use of highway underpasses by bandicoots over a 7-year period that encompassed road widening

Brendan D. Taylor and Ross L. Goldingay

13. Published 5 September 2014
Variability in the seasonality of breeding by the common brushtail possum, Trichosurus vulpecula: its possible causes and management implications

Phil Cowan

14. Published 5 September 2014
Burrowing behaviour of the northern hopping-mouse (Notomys aquilo): field observations

Rebecca L. Diete, Paul D. Meek, Christopher R. Dickman and Luke K.-P. Leung

15. Published 5 September 2014
Population ecology of the eastern pygmy-possum (Cercartetus nanus) in a montane woodland in southern New South Wales

Jamie M. Harris, Ross L. Goldingay and Lyndon O. Brooks

16. Published 5 September 2014
Improved technique for capturing the greater bilby (Macrotis lagotis) using burrow cage traps

H. M. McGregor and K. E. Moseby

17. Published 13 March 2015
Preliminary assessment suggests that acoustic lures can increase capture rates of Australian echolocating bats

David A. Hill, Kyle N. Armstrong and Paul A. Barden

18. Published 13 March 2015
Survival, age estimation and sexual maturity of pouch young of the brush-tailed bettong (Bettongia penicillata) in captivity

Craig K. Thompson, Adrian F. Wayne, Stephanie S. Godfrey and R. C. Andrew Thompson

19. Published 13 March 2015
Penetration ability of echidna spines and porcupine quills

B. A. Gooden and M. L. Augee

20. Published 5 September 2014
Signs of wildlife activity and Eucalyptus wandoo condition

T. L. Moore, M. D. Craig, L. E. Valentine, G. E. St J. Hardy and P. A. Fleming

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