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An Interpretation of the Distribution of Metre Wavelength Radio Emission

KW Yates

Australian Journal of Physics 21(2) 167 - 184
Published: 1968


A recent 85 MHz survey of the southern sky had an absolute calibration accuracy and resolution comparable with a number of surveys made for the northern skies. By combining the results of these surveys in both hemispheres a complete sky map has been produced, and in this paper an analysis is made of the distribution of the medium and high latitude emission. A fundamental difficulty encountered is the identification and isolation of the spurs of emission projecting from the galactic plane. Two hypotheses are proposed. The first attributes the spurs to a large-scale feature associated with the galactic core and the remaining emission to a galactic halo. The second postulates the origin of the spurs within the local spiral arm, which is itself considered to contribute significantly to the high latitude background. An upper-limit estimate of the emissivity of the local arm is made from currently available independent data. Using this result a model local arm is proposed, which, together with an isotropic component from beyond the Galaxy and a small additional galactic component, explains the observed distribution.

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