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A Study of the Vibrational Excitation of H2 by Measurements of the Drift Velocity of Electrons in H2−Ne Mixtures

JP England, MT Elford and RW Crompton

Australian Journal of Physics 41(4) 573 - 586
Published: 1988


Measurements of electron drift velocities have been made in 1·160% and 2·892% hydrogen-neon mixtures at 294 K and values of EI N from 0·12 to 1·7 Td. The measurements are highly sensitive to the region of the threshold of the v = 0 → 1 vibrational excitation cross section for hydrogen and have enabled more definitive tests of proposed cross sections to be made than was possible using drift velocity data for H2−He and H2−Ar mixtures. The theoretical v = 0 → 1 vibrational excitation cross section of Morrison et al. (1987) is shown to be incompatible with the present measurements. A new set of hydrogen cross sections has been derived from the available electron swarm measurements in pure hydrogen and hydrogen mixtures.

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