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Algae of Australia: Batrachospermales, Thoreales, Oedogoniales and Zygnemaceae

Enlarge Cover

Algae of Australia: Batrachospermales, Thoreales, Oedogoniales and Zygnemaceae

Algae of Australia Series

Timothy J Entwisle  
Stephen Skinner  
Simon H Lewis  
Helen J Foard  

Photographs, Illustrations
200 pages, 250 x 176 mm
Publishers: CSIRO Publishing / Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)

    Hardback - 2007
ISBN: 9780643094314 - AU $ 90.00



Red algae and filamentous green algae are important components of Australian freshwater habitats, such as rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, swamps, farm dams and damp soil. Some are significant primary producers, although occasionally producing weedy problem growths, while others are important sources of food and shelter for large and small fish, turtles, molluscs, crustaceans and insect larvae. Many have restricted distributions, and some an ancient Gondwanic origin.

This volume documents five families, 14 genera and 210 species and infraspecific taxa of red and green freshwater algae. It covers the vast majority of macroscopic freshwater algae likely to be encountered in Australia. The red algal genus Batrachospermum is widespread in pristine streams, as well as in some lakes and swamps, while the filamentous green genera Oedogonium, Bulbothrix, Spirogyra and Zygnema are common and diverse across a broad range of aquatic habitats. All groups are richly illustrated with photographs and line drawings. Descriptions of orders, families and genera are accompanied by bibliographic lists, identification keys, and descriptions and distribution maps for each species.


  • An up-to-date account of a significant component of the Australian freshwater habitats: rivers, creeks, lakes, swamps, ponds, billabongs etc.
  • Authoritative identification keys
  • Full descriptions and synonymy
  • Habitat information
  • Distribution map for each species
  • Photographs and line-illustrations of most species

  View a sample from Algae of Australia: Batrachospermales, Thoreales, Oedogoniales and Zygnemaceae. 

 Managers of water resources and other relevant decision-makers, ecologists, botanists and conservationists. Professional and amateur phycologists in Australia and worldwide. Aquatic research institutions. Libraries, herbaria and other botanical institutions worldwide with a peripheral interest in aquatic biology. 

 "Hopefully, you are reading this review in time to add this volume to your holiday wish list."
Morgan L. Vis, Journal of Phycology, Vol 43, 2007

"The authors are to be congratulated."
Eileen J. Cox, Freshwater Biology, 2007

"At last the Algae of Australia series appears! This book should be in the library of every catchment management authority, freshwater research facility and university, and used extensively in first year labs."
Michelle T. Casanova, Australian Systematic Botany Newsletter, June-September 2007


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