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Scope of practice regulation in medicine: balancing patient safety, access to care and professional autonomy

Christian A. Gericke A B C *
+ Author Affiliations
- Author Affiliations

A School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle, Callaghan, NSW, Australia.

B Calvary Mater Newcastle, Waratah, NSW, Australia.

C School of Public Health, University of Queensland, Herston, Qld, Australia.

Australian Health Review 48(1) 1-3
Submitted: 17 January 2024  Accepted: 18 January 2024  Published: 1 February 2024

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Scope of practice regulation in medicine is crucial for ensuring patient safety, access to care and professional autonomy. This paper explores the impact of scope of practice regulation on healthcare delivery, professional responsibilities and patient outcomes. It discusses the variability in standards for safe practice, the challenges in defining boundaries between medical specialties and the recent controversies in cosmetic surgery practice. The paper also examines the potential benefits and drawbacks of rigorous scope of practice regulations, including their impact on clinical innovation, flexibility and access to care. Furthermore, it delves into the implications of defensive medicine and the consequences of restrictive regulations on patient care. The author proposes implementing a proactive, national, artificial intelligence-powered, real-time outcome monitoring system to address these challenges. This system aims to cover every patient undergoing a surgical procedure and could be gradually extended to non-surgical conditions, benefiting all key stakeholders in the health system. The paper emphasises the need for a balanced approach to scope of practice regulation to avoid stifling clinical innovation and professional autonomy, while ensuring patient safety and professional accountability.

Keywords: health law, health policy, hospitals, litigation, medical negligence, performance and evaluation, professional autonomy, quality and safety.


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