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The development and implementation of the Northern Health lung cancer digital care pathway: A case study in service change

Rachel Duckham, Tracey Webster, Katharine See


This case study details the approach utilised to establish an easy to use, accessible and sustainable method for routine collection of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) for patients newly diagnosed with lung cancer. We sought to enhance communication with patients and their families, particularly around shared decision making, their quality of life and symptoms, as well as the impacts of their care or treatment. We detail the co-design methodology utilised with consumers and healthcare providers, to develop and implement a multi-lingual, fully automated Digital Care Pathway which has been proven to be highly impactful and powerful for both healthcare providers working within the service and consumers enrolled within the digital pathway. This innovative initiative has changed the practice of the lung cancer service across a health service. Furthermore, its success has evolved the organisational strategy, to embed “Outcomes for Impact” across the health service.

AH23279  Accepted 11 February 2024

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