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RESEARCH ARTICLE (Non peer reviewed)

NSW—Strategic release of exploration areas

Diane Crosdale
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Coal Seam Gas; NSW Division of Resources and Energy GPO Box 5477, Sydney NSW 2001. Email:

The APPEA Journal 57(2) 418-420
Accepted: 6 April 2017   Published: 29 May 2017


In November 2014 the New South Wales (NSW) Government set out a series of actions to pause, reset and restart a sustainable gas industry for NSW. NSW gas demand and supply reinforce the need for the development of a gas industry.

Under this reset, gas exploration areas will be released through the Strategic Release Framework process. The Framework is an independent and transparent process. Utilising geological, economic, environmental and social data including the outcomes of community engagement, areas considered suitable for exploration will be nominated for release. The Framework recognises that there are competing uses for land, and seeks to balance these interests. The Advisory Body, being the independent review body, will conduct these assessments. All release areas will be the subject of a competitive selection process.

Diane Crosdale is a highly experienced senior manager, holding post-graduate qualifications in environmental management, urban and regional planning and an MBA. Diane has over 25 years of experience working in local government, state government (Planning & Environment; Premier and Cabinet, Office of Environment and Heritage) and the private sector. Her areas of expertise relate to environmental management, strategic planning, development, assessment, social planning, Aboriginal heritage and disaster recovery. Diane has a strong background working in regional areas around competing issues of land use, economic growth, environmental management and social need. This experience has included extensive community consultation with diverse communities. Diane is currently employed by the NSW Department of Industry, within Industry Investment and Export Services as the Key Account Manager for Coal Seam Gas. This role brings to the forefront her previous experiences working with industry, communities and the political spheres of local and state government.