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Effects of post-transplant water deficits on leaf development and yield of winter planted tobacco in north Queensland

KH Ferguson, S Fukai, GL Wilson and MA Toleman

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 36(1) 51 - 61
Published: 1985


The effect of water deficit on floral initiation, leaf development and yield of commercial leaf of tobacco planted in the winter was studied in northern Queensland. The deficits were induced by different watering treatments at transplanting in combination with a range of times during which irrigation was withheld after transplanting. In addition, the effect of two periods of water deficits on flower and leaf development was investigated in a pot experiment under controlled environment conditions. Water deficits after transplanting delayed floral initiation and allowed more leaves to be produced. Moreover, the size of most leaves of commercial value was increased by water deficit; for example, withholding water for 28 days after transplanting increased the area and dry weight of commercial yield per plant by 33%. Results from the pot experiment demonstrated that the larger leaf area resulted from an extended period of linear growth and a greater rate of expansion after water deficits were relieved.

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