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Evolutionary, molecular and comparative zoology

The classification and distribution of tabanidae (Diptera) 3. Subfamilies scepsidinae and chrysopinae.

IM Mackerras

Australian Journal of Zoology 3(4) 583 - 633
Published: 1955


The following genera are recognized in the subfamilies reviewed in the present paper : SCEPSIDINAE Neotropical : Scepsis Walk. Ethiopian: Adersia Aust.; Braunsiomyia Beq. Lesneus Surc. is excluded from the Tabanidae. CHRYSOPINAE BOUVIEROMYIINI Nearctic : Merycomyia Hine. Neotropical: Merycomyia (northern) ; Mesomyia Macq., subgenus Veprius Rond. (southern). Ethiopian: Mesomyia Macq., subgenera Mesomyia, Perisilvius End., and Bacloceras Aust.; Dasgcompsa End.; Pronopes Loew; Rhigioglossa Wied.; Aegophagamyia Aust.; Bouvieromyia Strand; ?Triclida End. Oriental : Eucompsa End. Australasian: Mesomyia Macq., subgenera Vepriella, nov. (type frontalie Ric.), Pareucompsa End., Lilaea Walk., Pseudotabanus Ric., and Mesomyia; Phibalomyia Tayl.; Pseudopangonia Ric. CHRYSOPINI Palaearctic: Chrysops Mg.; Silvius Mg., subgenus Silvius. Nearctic: Chrysops; Silvius, subgenera Silvius, Zeuximyia Philip, and Assipala Philip. Neotropical: Chrysops; Silvius, subgenus Assipala (northern). Ethiopian: Chrysops. Oriental : Chrysops; Silvius, subgenus Silvius (extreme northern). Australasian : Chrysops (northern). RHINOMYZINI Ethiopian: Tabanocella Big.; Sphecodemyia Aust.; Orgixomyia Grunb.; Thaumastocera Grunb.; Thriambeutes Grunb.; Hinea Adams. Oriental: Gastroxides Saund.; Rhinowyxa Wied. Surcoufia Krob. (Palaearctic) and Melissomorpha Ric. (northern Oriental) are accepted as presumably Chrysopinae, but cannot be allotted to a tribe from the descriptions. Evaluation of possible subgenera of Chrysops is not attempted in the present work.

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