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Commemorating Australian Mammalogy’s Transition to the Digital Age

After 48 years in print, Australian Mammalogy published its first online-only issue early this year. To commemorate the occasion, the Australian Mammal Society council has collated a virtual issue which includes our member’s choices of the most important publications over the lifetime of Australian Mammalogy. Little did we know at the time that we were also going to have to launch the virtual issue during a virtual event, the 2020 Australian Mammal Society Conference!

This virtual issue contains the top papers voted out of 43 papers nominated by members, expertly put together by the CSIRO Publishing editorial team which has now been looking after us for nearly 12 years. Just like the journal itself, these papers cross diverse fields of research, including technical advances, ecology, evolution, conservation, physiology, and behaviour, with an emphasis on the many advances to field work techniques. This issue also highlights the many ways that our contributors work at the forefront of major environmental issues, including feral mammals, threatened species distribution and conservation, and mammalian responses to fire.

One of the more venerable papers included in this collection is not currently part of the CSIRO back catalogue: Archer et al. 1999, 'The evolutionary history and diversity of Australian mammals'. The Australian Mammal Society is currently working with the CSIRO Publishing editorial team to add the remaining issues dating back all the way to the journal's inception in 1972. While this work continues, you can freely download this article as a PDF (PDF, 3.21 MB).

We hope you will enjoy this issue and look forward to a long future of multidisciplinary, highly influential research published in Australian Mammalogy.

Vera Weisbecker (President) and Ross Goldingay (Editor-in-Chief)