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Estimating yield losses in wheat resulting from infestation by doublegee (Emex australis)

DJ Gilbey

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 14(70) 656 - 657
Published: 1974


The effect of doublegee (Emex australis) density on wheat yield was studied in a field trial. Percentage yield reduction (y) was related to doublegee plants m-2 at 1 week (x1) and 8 weeks (x2) after seeding thus: y = 10.3 + 0.24 x1 r = 0.78*** y = 5.6 + 0.44 x2 r = 0.86*** showing that estimates of doublegee density could be used for forecasting crop yield losses before it is too late to spray. No further yield loss occurred when x1 was greater than 120 plants metre-2. Doublegee seedling mortality that occurred during the seven weeks between plant counts was strongly related to the initial counts (x1) thus: r = 0.88***.

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