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Competition between wheat and brome grass in Western Australia

GS Gill, ML Poole and JE Holmes

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 27(2) 291 - 294
Published: 1987


Brome grass (Bromus diandrus Roth) has become a serious weed of wheat in Western Australia, particularly on light textured soils. Six field experiments were carried out to investigate competition between brome grass and wheat. Results showed that brome grass is an extremely aggressive weed in wheat. Although the experimental sites varied considerably in soil type, rainfall and other growing conditions the relationship between brome grass and reduction in wheat yield was remarkably consistent across the sites. An exponential model was found to adequately describe yield loss due to competition with brome grass and will be used for extension purposes in Western Australia. An examination of yield contributing characters of wheat suggested that yield loss due to brome grass had been determined before the crop reached the grainfilling stage and such a result diminishes the importance of competition for water in wheat-brome grass mixtures.

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