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Proteins and Catalase Isoenzymes from Fusarium Solani and their Taxonomic Significance

R Hall

Australian Journal of Biological Sciences 20(2) 419 - 428
Published: 1967


Proteins 'and catalase isoenzymes from saprophytic and parasitic forms of FUBarium Bolani were separated electrophoretically in starch gels. Protein patterns of an isolate of F. Bolani f. pisi showed little response to altered cultural conditions but catalase patterns altered with culture age, illumination of culture, number of conidia in the inoculum, and portion of growth harvested. Under optimum conditions a maximum of four catalase bands was detected. Evidence is presented that hyphae and spores of this isolate have different catalase patterns and that these patterns are influenced by light intensity.

© CSIRO 1967

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