Australian Beetles

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An authoritative account, including general discussions of adult and larval anatomy, general biology, life history and economic significance. It provides identification keys to families, based on both adults and larvae.

There are possibly 30 000 species of beetle in Australia - no one knows for sure. But professional entomologists, students and keen amateurs alike will find what is known about this striking, diverse and intriguing order of insects in this comprehensive guide by two of the world's recognised experts. + Full description

Australian Beetles is a detailed account of the beetle fauna of Australia; it includes general discussions of adult and larval anatomy, general biology and economic significance, keys to families based on larvae and adults, and a brief coverage of each of the 117 families occurring on the continent.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"Without doubt the best currently available book on the magical world of beetles."
A Szito, Journal of the Australian Entomological Society


ePDF | January 1994
ISBN: 9780643100695
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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Both authors are with CSIRO Entomology