Tettigoniidae of Australia Volume 2

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This volume covers three subfamilies, all endemic to Australia.

This volume covers three subfamilies, all endemic to Australia. The Phasmodinae are a small group with one genus and four species living in the heath habitats of Western Australia. The Zaprochilinae are represented in the literature by two genera, each with a single species. This volume reveals that four genera are present in Australia, one with more than twelve species. Like the Phasmodinae, the Zaprochilinae feed on flowers but, unlike that group where the flower is destroyed, evidence suggests that only pollen and nectar are eaten and the flower remains intact.


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"... this book is possibly the best of its type... it is of worth not only for active systematic orthopterists, but for anyone interested in conservation biology, biodiversity, entomology, zoology, biogeography and phylogeny."
Xing-Bao Jin, Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research

"... every zoological library should have a copy of this book, and indeed should subscribe to the entire series. This is the study of biodiversity at its best."
D Otte, Journal of Orthoptera Research

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G Ramsay, New Zealand Entomologist

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RB Toms, African Entomology

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WJ Reynolds, Bioacoustics


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