Australian Seeds

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Provides a beautifully illustrated and detailed overview of Australian seeds.

This is the first complete guide to the collection, processing and storage of wild collected seed. While the main focus is on Australian seeds, the procedures and protocols described within the book are of international standard and apply to users throughout the world. + Full description

The book provides a basic understanding to seed biology, evolution and morphology, and includes chapters on all aspects of harvesting, processing and storage of seeds. This will enable users to collect, process and store seed more efficiently, thus reducing loss of seed viability during the storage process with potentially huge savings in time, effort and expense in the rehabilitation and restoration industries.

With a strong emphasis on the species-rich Western Australian region, Australian Seeds features photographs of more than 1200 species showing clearly their size and shape. Comprehensive seed germination data enables users to know how long to allow for germination times and whether some form of pre-germination treatment is required and what this should be. This is of major importance to horticulturists and agriculturists planning crop and weed control programmes. It will also be a valuable resource to anyone interested in Australian flora.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"This reference book is ideal for landcare groups, nurseries and gardeners who collect and germinate native plant seeds."
Leonard Cronin, Gardening Australia, April 2007

"An important book for people with interests in seed banking, seed collecting and habitat restoring."
Frits Adema, Blumea, Vol. 51, No. 3, 2006

"This volume is a valuable addition to the literature pertaining to Australian seeds. Anyone wishing to set up and run a successful seed bank, whether for commercial or conservation reasons, will find all the information they need in this volume."
Jeff Jeanes and Megan Hearst (Australasian Plant Conservation, Vol. 15, No. 1, June-August 2006)

Australian Seeds is an excellent contribution to plant conservation and restoration in Australia, and the editors and all the contributors are to be congratulated for making the information available in a single volume. Although the book is about seeds of Australian species, it will be of considerable interest and use to people involved in seedbanking and/or plant conservation and restoration worldwide. Also, it will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by people who are fascinated by the beauty and diversity of seeds.”
Jerry M. Baskin, Department of Biology, University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA

"Overall, it's easy to read and has been well edited… probably the best of its kind that is currently in print for Australian species."
Phillip Ainsley, Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, September 2006


ePDF | September 2006
ISBN: 9780643094079
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Over 1400 colour images
  • The most comprehensive pictorial guide to Australian seeds
  • Includes information on harvesting and germinating seeds


1. Introduction

2. Australian seeds through time

3. Seedbanks and the conservation of threatened species

4. Seed and fruit structure

5. Seed biology and ecology

6. Seed collection in the field

7. Drying and cleaning seeds after collection

8. Seed storage and testing

9. Australian seeds: a photographic index

10. Collection guidelines for common families and genera

Appendix 1: Germination tables

Appendix 2: Common & scientific names