Spectacular Snakes of Australia

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A real treat for any snake lover, richly illustrated with exceptional photographs.

Spectacular Snakes of Australia showcases these beautiful creatures which play such an important part in our biodiversity. It portrays most of the species found in Australia, such as tiger snakes, copperheads, brown snakes, death adders and sea snakes, up close and personal. It also includes some unique photographs, such as the hatching of scrub pythons, that offer a rare glimpse into their more intimate lives. + Full description

The informative text, based on the latest research, describes the reproductive biology, behaviour, predators and prey of these reptiles, as well as their habitat and conservation values. Readers will explore the importance of colours and patterns in allowing snakes to blend into their environment, their defence and attack mechanisms, and the adaptations they have undergone to cope with their surroundings. In addition, the author provides some anecdotes on his encounters with snakes, and clears up a few myths regarding snake behaviour.

Richly illustrated with exceptional photographs, Spectacular Snakes of Australia features the deadly serious as well as the quirky – from snakes that love water to those with potent venom, and even snakes that are blind! This book is a real treat for snake lovers.

- Short description


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"As well as imparting a great deal of factual information from recent decades of research by others, Cermak infuses the text with many anecdotes and facts from his own considerable experience…this is precisely the type of book and format that can engender an appreciation of these maligned animals."
Nick Clemann, Victorian Naturalist, February 2010

"This handsome book captures the wonderment of snakes in all their spectacular forms and lifestyles in Australia. Anyone can buy, read and understand this book."
Brad Maryan, The Naturalist News, May 2009


ePDF | November 2008
ISBN: 9780643101371
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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ePUB | November 2008
ISBN: 9780643102804
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Quality photography
  • Diversity of snakes covered
  • All Australian species are featured, except for a few small Elapids
  • The photography has an artistic angle rather than descriptive as in many other snake books


Michael Cermak is a professional zoologist and wildlife photographer with 25 years’ experience photographing rainforest wildlife.