Pathology of Australian Native Wildlife

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All the available information on the anatomical pathology of Australian native vertebrate wildlife.

Pathology of Australian Native Wildlife brings together in one volume available information on the pathology of Australian native vertebrate wildlife, excluding fish. It provides rapid access to documented information on diseases in Australian wildlife, domiciled either in Australia or overseas. + Full description

The book comprises 45 chapters, each detailing pathological changes caused by specific pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths and ectoparasites, and other injurious agents and conditions such as toxins and neoplasia affecting terrestrial and marine mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Although the aim is to describe morphological (gross and microscopic) changes, the author also indicates history and clinical signs, thus providing guidance as to which lesions should be specifically searched for, and what ancillary testing might be needed to confirm a diagnosis. Illustrated throughout with colour photographs, this will be the essential reference for veterinary pathologists and clinicians, as well as wildlife researchers, zoos, wildlife parks, environmentalists, conservationists and students.

Awarded a 2010 Whitley Certificate of Commendation for Zoological Resource.

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" This excellent book is an important contribution to wildlife pathology, being the first of its kind to bring together information on Australian native species. The author is to be congratulated for the quality of the text and images and the breadth of material... This is an essential reference text for all pathologists involved with wildlife cases and for veterinarians working primarily with wildlife and exotic species."
John Mackie, Australian Veterinary Journal, pp. 509, Vol 90 (12), December 2012 "Illustrated by high quality photographs, this book is an essential reference in this matter."
Evelyne Bremond-Hoslet, Mammalia, Vol 75 No 2, May 2011
"This book is essential for anyone dealing with native Australian animal diseases and pathology, and complements the recently released clinical book Medicine of Australian Mammals, edited by Vogelnest and Woods (2008)."
Peter Holz, Journal of Wildlife Diseases, July 2010 "No longer will researchers, veterinarians and pathologists need to trail through general pathology texts, journals and the grey literature to find information on the pathology of Australian species. This is now the definitive text on pathology of Australian native wildlife. With a masterful mix of experience, a most readable writing style and excellent images, the author has set a high standard."
R. Johnson, Australian Zoologist, Vol 35 No 1, 2009 "Dr. Ladds has addresses a common challenge in wildlife medicine – the lack of a repository of central collected information. This is a pathology text that will serve as a basis for comparative medicine and future areas of investigation for many years to come."
Judy St. Leger, Veterinary Pathology, Vol 46, 2009 "This book is a gateway to the pathology of a large number of diseases. Information of this sort is scattered in difficult to find journals and conference proceedings. It is a triumph to have it summarised in a succinct but scholarly way, well referenced and indexed in one place. It is an essential reference for professionals dealing with diseases of Australian wildlife…The book is highly recommended."
Tony Ross, Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation, 2009 "…the distillation of over four decades of research and investigation in wildlife pathology, has got to be his magnum opus and a reference that every aspiring – indeed, experienced – wildlife pathologist in Australia should have on their shelf. The work represents the current state of the art in the first decade of the twenty-first century as far as wildlife pathology in Australia is concerned. We are indebted to Dr Ladds for providing us with such a scholarly treatise which will serve as the benchmark for future investigation into the diseases of free-living wildlife for many years to come."
Padraig J Duignan, Australian Mammalogy Vol 31, 2009 "It provides rapid access to documented information on diseases in Australian wildlife, domiciled either in Australia or overseas…this is an essential reference tool."
EAZA News (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria ), Autumn 2009 “This much awaited first edition of the Pathology of Australian Native Wildlife is the first text dedicated completely to wildlife pathology not just in Australia but in the world (based on a search by this reviewer). Philip Ladds has done an outstanding job collating a considerable amount of material into this significant wildlife pathology publication.”
Tiggy Grillo, Australian Wildlife Health Network Newsletter, August 2009


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ISBN: 9780643097933
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Brings together in one volume all of the available information on the anatomical pathology of Australian native vertebrate wildlife, excluding fish
  • Provides rapid access to documented information on diseases in Australian wildlife, and will facilitate accurate diagnosis
  • Illustrated throughout with colour photographs


Dr Philip Ladds is a Specialist Veterinary Pathologist. He has had an ongoing, career-long interest in and commitment to the pathology of Australian native species. This has involved captive and free-ranging animals, and has included terrestrial, marine and avian species. While working in northern Australia, Dr Ladds had particular research interests in diseases of crocodiles and turtles, and more recently, while employed in Tasmania, he had responsibility for the diagnosis of disease in an impressive variety of wildlife in a more temperate environment.