Precision Agriculture for Grain Production Systems

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Explains general Precision Agriculture theory, identifies and describes essential tools and techniques, and includes practical examples from the grains industry.

Precision Agriculture (PA) is an approach to managing the variability in production agriculture in a more economic and environmentally efficient manner. It has been pioneered as a management tool in the grains industry, and while its development and uptake continues to grow amongst grain farmers worldwide, a broad range of other cropping industries have embraced the concept. This book explains general PA theory, identifies and describes essential tools and techniques, and includes practical examples from the grains industry. + Full description

Readers will gain an understanding of the magnitude, spatial scale and seasonality of measurable variability in soil attributes, plant growth and environmental conditions. They will be introduced to the role of sensing systems in measuring crop, soil and environment variability, and discover how this variability may have a significant impact on crop production systems. Precision Agriculture for Grain Production Systems will empower crop and soil science students, agronomy and agricultural engineering students, as well as agronomic advisors and farmers to critically analyse the impact of observed variation in resources on crop production and management decisions.

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"This book is a “must have” book! At present it serves its purpose for all those interested in an introduction to PA in general, and specifically for those working on grain production systems in countries such as Russia, China, Central Europe, and South America. I most strongly recommend it to all our readers. Besides serving as the textbook on PA for students and teachers, it will also be most useful for agronomic advisors, extension workers, and farmers, in addition to remote sensing researchers working on crop monitoring/forecasting systems."
John van Gendersen, International Journal of Digital Earth, 25 June 2013


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Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Comprehensive, practical treatment of PA in grain production.
  • Identifies and describes the crucial machinery, instruments and techniques.
  • Stimulates wider thinking about crop management under variable conditions.
  • Provides pathways for implementation.
  • Easy to read and understand.
  • Much is relevant to industries other than grains.


Chapter 1 Introduction to Precision Agriculture
Chapter 2 Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Precision Agriculture
Chapter 3 Hardware for Precision Agriculture
Chapter 4 Software for Precision Agriculture
Chapter 5 Data management for Precision Agriculture
Chapter 6 Making and interpreting maps for Precision Agriculture
Chapter 7 Yield variability and site-specific crop management
Chapter 8 Economics of PA in Australian grain crops
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Brett Whelan and James Taylor both hold a PhD focused on Precision Agriculture (PA). They have published extensively in the field of PA over the past 15 years. Both the authors have taught PA at a tertiary level and have extensive practical experience in PA application in broad-acre, horticulture and viticulture.