Perth Plants

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A comprehensive photographic guide to 778 species of plants found in Kings Park and Bold Park.

The city of Perth is well known and treasured for its areas of protected bushland in the heart of the city. Kings Park and Bold Park represent a significant part of the natural heritage of the Swan Coastal Plain and are an important part of city life. The city is also a gateway to the incredible biodiversity to be found in south-west Western Australia. + Full description

Perth Plants provides a comprehensive photographic guide to all plants known to occur in the bushlands of Kings Park and Bold Park, both native plants and naturalised weeds. There are 778 species included, representing approximately one-quarter of all the plants in the greater Perth region, and one-tenth of all species known for the south-west of Western Australia.

This new edition contains 22 additional species and updated photography throughout. It is an essential reference for anyone interested in the plants of south-west Western Australia, and particularly the Swan Coastal Plain.

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"This book, like our flora, is a gem. Easily accessible, well laid-out and with informative but easy to understand text, you can use it on any ramble around Perth and chances are you'll be able to work out what plants you've found."
Kevin Thiele, Western Australian Herbarium, Department of Parks and Wildlife, Perth

"This field guide provides an excellent point of entry into one of the most charismatic floras on the planet, that of southwestern Western Australia... The strength of this field guide lies in presenting thousands of images (several per species) of consistently good quality... It is unsurprising that this field guide is now in its second edition, and I am sure there will be more to come on account of the great utility and quality of this practical book."
Tanja Schuster, Australasian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, 167, June 2016, pp. 59-60


Paperback | April 2016 | $ 49.95
ISBN: 9781486306022 | 440 pages | 215 x 148 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour photographs, Maps

ePDF | April 2016
ISBN: 9781486306039
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • This is one of the most detailed field guides available for south-west Western Australia, with species presented in their most current scientific classification.
  • With multiple photos per species, the book provides a relatively easy means of identifying both native and naturalised species in the Perth region and beyond.
  • Small enough to fit in a backpack for field use, but detailed enough to provide a solid identification tool, this is a very practical field guide.


Foreword to the second edition
Foreword to the first edition
Acknowledgements from the first edition
Photographic credits
Acknowledgements for this second edition
Map of Kings Park and Botanic Garden
Map of Bold Park
Traditional plant usage
Plant diversity in Kings Park and Bold Park
Native bushland
Introduced species
Restoration programs
Conservation of urban remnants
Native plants in horticulture
Why do plant names change?
Systematics (classification)
The content of this book
Non-flowering plants and fungi
Layout of this book
Illustrated guide to key features of plant families
Native flora
Introduced flora
Appendix. Non-naturalised plants


Russell Barrett worked as a Research Botanist with the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority in Perth prior to moving to the Australian National Herbarium, CSIRO, in Canberra. He is an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Western Australia in the School of Plant Biology and a Research Associate at the Western Australian Herbarium. He grew up in the remote Kimberley region of northern Western Australia, developing an early passion for plants. An experienced taxonomist and photographer, his work has taken him to many remote parts of the state, discovering many new species of plants along the way.

Eng Pin Tay is a Herbarium Botanist at the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, Perth. Before this, he worked for 18 years with tropical plants in Singapore as Curator of the then Parks and Recreation Department and as Senior Research Officer at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and nature reserves under the National Parks Board. A keen photographer, traveller and experienced botanist, his work has taken him to many natural areas in South-East Asia and botanic gardens around the world.