Plants of the Victorian High Country

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A botanical field guide for nature lovers and walkers of the Victorian High Country.

Plants of the Victorian High Country allows walkers with little botanical knowledge to identify plants they are likely to encounter along the popular tracks of Victoria's High Country. + Full description

This Second Edition has been revised and expanded to describe 133 plants from the montane, sub-alpine and alpine zones, categorising them into five easily distinguished groups: herbs, daisy herbs, low woody shrubs, tall shrubs and trees, and eucalypts. The guide features a glossary of botanical terms, straightforward identification keys, clear photos of the leaves, flowers and stems of the plant, and includes notes on Aboriginal plant usage.

If you are a nature lover, planning to walk in the Victorian High Country, this book is an essential addition to your backpack.

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"If, like me, you love the outdoors but sometimes need a good excuse to stop and breathe during a bushwalk, then this book’s for you! It will encourage walkers with little botanical knowledge to take time on the track to identify the plants they see in Victoria's High Country... recommended for walkers and nature lovers alike. It fits easily in a backpack, and with flowering seasons extending from August to May, there’s always something new to discover whilst exploring your next mountain."
Liz Robinson, Bushwalking Victoria, November 2018

"Plants of the Victorian High Country is a lovely and highly useable book, well worth its recommended retail price of $39.99. The book is quite light and a pleasurable addition to one’s pack."
Maria Gibson, The Victorian Naturalist 136(2), 2019


Paperback | October 2018 | $ 39.99
ISBN: 9781486309016 | 168 pages | 215 x 148 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour photographs, Illustrations

ePDF | October 2018
ISBN: 9781486309023
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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ISBN: 9781486309030
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Allows walkers and others to identify the most common High Country plants
  • The expanded and revised second edition describes 133 species (including 15 new species) and includes notes on Aboriginal plant usage
  • Plants are described in accessible language, with colour photographs for each species and an identification key for each of the five plant groups


About this book
The second edition
How to use the book
Aboriginal People in the High Country
Other useful books

The environment
Flower types
Plant descriptions
Herbs (other than daisies)
Daisy herbs
Low woody shrubs
Tall shrubs and trees

Plants listed by family
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John Murphy was a biology, chemistry and outdoor education teacher in Adelaide for 20 years. He is still a keen bushwalker in the Victorian Alps where his grandfather, Michael Lawler, had a cattle lease on Mt Hotham. In retirement, John farms a property in the Adelaide Hills.

Bill Dowling was brought up in Ballarat, Victoria, but has lived in Adelaide for 50 years. Before retirement, he worked as a builder’s labourer, photographer, teacher and bureaucrat. He is now an Adelaide Botanic Gardens guide and participates regularly in Friends of the Great Victoria Desert field trips.