One Potoroo


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A beautifully illustrated story about the conservation of the world's most endangered marsupial.

When a bushfire destroys Potoroo's home, he becomes one of the last surviving Gilbert's Potoroos at Two Peoples Bay in Western Australia. Frightened, hurt and alone, Potoroo needs a new home – somewhere safe from predators and with plenty of his favourite food. Luckily, a team of conservationists know where Potoroo can go to be safe. + Full description

One Potoroo: A Story of Survival is a beautifully illustrated book about the world's most endangered marsupial, the Gilbert's Potoroo, and the conservation work that has kept this unique Australian alive.

Reading level varies from child to child, but we recommend this book for ages 6 to 9.

Shortlisted, The Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children's Literature 2022: Picture Fiction
Notable Book, The CBCA Eve Pownall Award for Information Books 2022
Certificate of Commendation, The Royal Zoological Society of NSW 2022 Whitley Awards: Children’s Conservation Awareness

- Short description


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"Penny Jaye and Alicia Rogerson have produced a delightful and beautifully illustrated children's book with a simple story interwoven with accurate information about the world's rarest marsupial, Gilbert's potoroo. Its pages reflect the current knowledge available on this animal and gently expose the greatest immediate threats to its persistence. The positive message that effective conservation efforts are in place to save this species provide the reader with reassurance that the potoroo will survive."
Dr Tony Friend, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, WA

"A delightful story which explains in simple but educational terms the plight of Australia‘s most endangered mammal and the world’s most endangered marsupial Gilbert’s Potoroo."
Jen Merritt, Gilbert's Potoroo Action Group Newsletter, Issue 2021/2

"Beautifully illustrated and narrated in a matter-of-fact way but with carefully chosen vocab that make the text as gentle as its subject, there is a desire to learn more about this tiny little creature, even form a cheer squad for its survival."
Barbara Braxton, The Bottom Shelf, 5 August 2021

"Figurative language and informative facts, and Alicia Rogerson’s painted illustrations really allow the reader to see the Potoroo’s habitat, what it looks like & how the big world looks from its perspective."
Vanessa Ryan-Rendall, Educate.Empower, 21 July 2021

"Every page in this book is beautifully illustrated with little Potoroo tugging at our heartstrings. This is a book that all children should be introduced to."
Good Reading Magazine, October 2021

"The striking nature of the illustrations support the emotions of the story. They immerse the reader in the scenery of the West Australian bush, making us feel that we’re right there caught up in the tense predicament of this brave marsupial."
Sarah Stivens, CBCA Reading Time, 16 September 2021

"Positive and uplifting, One Potoroo is an inspiring tale highlighting the importance of conservation and how humans can make a difference in keeping this unique Australian species alive. The text is simple and understated, complemented by colourful illustrations of the bush and wildlife."
Writing WA, 3 November 2021

"The full-page illustrations are beautiful and you will learn some new facts such as how the potoroo loves to eat truffles which are the fruity bulbs of underground fungi."
Kathryn Beilby, What'ya Reading, CBCA SA Branch, 20 November 2021


Hardback | August 2021 | $ 24.99
ISBN: 9781486314645 | 32 pages | 250 x 250 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations

ePDF | August 2021
ISBN: 9781486314652
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Available from eRetailers


  • A conservation tale of the Gilbert’s Potoroo – Australia’s rarest mammal.
  • Inspired by real events, it tells the story of a Gilbert’s Potoroo that is rescued after a bushfire destroys his natural habitat.
  • Features facts about the Gilbert’s Potoroo, its history and conservation status.
  • Highlights the importance of proactive conservation efforts and responses to environmental change.


Penny Jaye is an award-winning author of books for children and older readers. From picture books to young adult fiction, Penny writes to find beauty, hope, strength and love in even the toughest situations.

Alicia Rogerson is an artist and illustrator who spends her days painting and dreaming. Based in Bridgetown, WA, her studio sits within the rural countryside on a hill beside a forest. Inspired by nature, objects and collections of things, her bold artworks spark the imagination and remind us of people or places we treasure.

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