Swim, Shark, Swim!

Hardback - March 2022 - AU $24.99

Join Shark on a beautifully illustrated and poetic adventure around the world's oceans.

Swim around the world with Shark as he explores ocean forests and coastal reefs, meeting hammerheads and great whites, stingrays and dolphins in a search for the place he calls home. + Full description

With rich language and enchanting art, Swim, Shark, Swim! is written by Dom Conlon and illustrated by Anastasia Izlesou and features fascinating facts to inspire a love of science and the natural world.

Reading level varies from child to child, but we recommend this book for ages 5 to 8.

- Short description


Sales in Australia and New Zealand only. Elsewhere, this title is available through Graffeg Books (external link).

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"Conlon lovingly expresses the journey in a rich language of similes, kennings, repetition, alliteration and rhyme, and all of this is vividly brought to life by Anastasia Izlesou’s mesmeric illustrations."
Matt Wilson, A Word About Books, 11 March 2022

"The gentle language used by the author is both rhythmic and descriptive. Combined with the vibrant and stunning full-page illustrations, this book will fascinate and delight its younger readers."
Kathryn Beilby, ReadPlus, 4 March 2022

"Anastasia Izleshou’s Illustrations echo the depths of the ocean floor with deep, dark moody hues inviting readers into another world. Once there, the language and text, rich with imagery, is filled with facts about the natural world. Dom Conlon has a magical way with words that fosters a love of science."
Shelley Stephens, CBCA Reading Time, 12 June 2022

"Accompanied by comprehensive teachers’ notes for Years 2-5 that will build an even greater understanding of the planet’s different marine habitats, their inhabitants and their particular characteristics, this is a book that celebrates the natural world and encourages students to delve deeper than the surface."
Barbara Braxton, The Bottom Shelf, 13 March 2022

"This picture book will bring about awareness of these misunderstood ocean animals and the differences they have depending on where they live. A great book for classroom teachers to use in Geography, Science and Sustainability."
Vanessa Ryan-Rendall, Educate Empower, 5 March 2022


Hardback | March 2022 | $ 24.99
ISBN: 9781486316045 | 32 pages | 250 x 250 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations


  • A gentle and lyrical journey through biodiversity, environment and challenges, unlocking a world of wonder
  • Includes Australian species as well as specific locations like the Great Barrier Reef
  • Provides fascinating facts to ignite a love of science and the natural world


Dom Conlon is a double Carnegie-nominated poet and author whose work is guided by nature and the stars. He's written poetry and picture books, fact and fiction — sometimes all in the same book. Dom hopes to inspire everyone to read and write poetry.

Anastasia Izlesou is a multidisciplinary illustrator and designer from the UK. Using a mix of digital and traditional media, she creates vibrant works full of bold natural elements. Her inspirations range from natural sciences, literature and folklore to everyday items and objects of kitsch.

Dom and Anastasia have also produced Shine, Star, Shine! together.

For Teachers

We have created these Teacher Notes as a free PDF download to support the use of this book in the classroom.

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