Double Helix Issue 69

Magazine - January 2024 - AU $10.99

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Need your space? You'll find plenty in this issue of Double Helix, all about life in space!

Feeling cosmic? Join us as we learn about life in space! Right now, astronauts are up in orbit – but what do they do on the weekend? Humans aren’t the only astronauts either – let’s meet some space animals! And learn more about CSIRO’s work using space-based experiments to keep an eye on Earth. + Full description

Want to try some space science in your own home? Why not design your own space station? Or you can grow your own salad sprouts like astronauts do. Explore the origins of life with our primordial soup recipe. Plus, you can do some maths to try and work out where all the aliens in our galaxy are hiding!

- Short description


Issue publication date: 15 January 2024


Magazine | January 2024 | $ 10.99
ISBN: DH09/69 | 40 pages | 297 x 210 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations, Colour photographs


Looking for science, technology, engineering and maths news? We've got you covered! Inside every issue you'll find articles, activities, puzzles, comics and prizes galore.


MAKING MAPS – Aboriginal maps don’t look the same as the maps on your phone.
AQUAWATCH: KEEPING AN EYE ON WATER FROM SPACE – CSIRO’s AquaWatch Mission is monitoring Earth’s water from all the way up in space!
THE FERMI PARADOX: WHERE ARE THE ALIENS? Have you ever wondered if aliens are out there? This fun bit of maths can help answer that question.
SPACE ANIMALS: DOGS, MONKEYS AND MORE! Not all astronauts are human. Meet the heroic animals that have been to space.

Time-travelling Shed
Planetary Post
Tech Timelines
Back of the Envelope

Build an International Space Station
Space Craft: Lightship Basket Weaving
Make Primordial (Noodle) Soup
Make It Comic
Space Invaders

Ready Red Planet
Constellation Identification
Could You Survive?
It's Your Move


The Double Helix team is part of CSIRO Publishing and has a long-standing reputation for delivering expertly written, fascinating and fun science material for young people, with an aim to foster an interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).