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Amino acid content and digestibile energy value of sprouted, rust-affected and sound wheat in pig diets

MR Taverner, CJ Rayner and RS Biden

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 26(6) 1109 - 1113
Published: 1975


Sound wheat (FAQ) and wheat damaged by weather (light weight sprouted) and by rust infection (No. 2 and No. 3 off-grade) were analysed for proximate composition and amino acid content. The digestibilities and digestible energy contents of the wheats were determined in studies with eight pigs over four collection periods in two 4 x 4 Latin square designs.

Test weights, crude protein contents, glutamic acid contents, digestibilities of dry matter, nitrogen and energy of the damaged wheats were less than those of the sound wheat, but the lysine content of damaged wheat proteins was greater than that in the protein of sound wheat.

The digestible energy contents of sound, sprouted and moderately and severely rust-affected wheats were 3982, 3863, 3771 and 3633 kcal kg-1 dry matter, respectively.

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