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Systematics, phylogeny and biogeography

A taxonomic revision of the long-tailed wasps of the genus Megalyra Westwood (Hymenoptera : Megalyridae)

SR Shaw

Invertebrate Taxonomy 3(8) 1005 - 1052
Published: 1989


The genus Megalyra Westwood, comprising the entire Australian megalyrid fauna, is revised. Eleven new species are described and sixteen species are redescribed. A key to the species and information on their relationships, distribution, and biology is presented. New synonyms are as follows: M. eiythropus Cameron, M. szepligetii Bradley, M. kalgoorliensrs Froggatt. M. puncrara Froggatt, M. punctata rufina Fahringer. M. fasciipennis io Girault, and M. nigricorpus Girault are newly synonymised under M. farciipennis Westwood; M. variegara Froggatt, M. fivnchi Froggatt, M. lyelli Froggatt, and M. hirsuta Froggatt are newly synonymised under M. rufipes Erichson; M. fahrei Girault is newly synonymised under M. viridescens Froggatt; and M. rnutilis Westwood, M. melanoptera Schletterer, and M. mastersi Froggatt are newly synonymised under M. shuckardi Westwood. Lectotypes are designated for M. fasciipennis Westuood, M. caudata Szepligeti, M. puncrata Froggatt, M. lyelli Froggatt, M. variegata Froggatt, M. frenchi Froggatt, M. lilliputiana Turner, and M. restaceipes Turner. A neotype is designated for M. wagneri Fahringer. Characters supporting the monophyly of Megalyra are discussed, and the species are classified into species-groups.

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