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Flooding adversely affects fresh produce safety

Sukhvinder Pal Singh A *
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A New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Ourimbah, NSW 2258, Australia.

Dr Sukhvinder Pal (SP) Singh is a Senior Research Scientist at the NSW Department of Primary Industries. His research program is focused on enhancing food safety and traceability in the horticulture sector. His research group studies the sources and routes of microbial contamination in primary production and processing environments of fresh horticultural produce.

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Microbiology Australia 44(4) 185-189
Submitted: 21 August 2023  Accepted: 6 October 2023   Published: 20 October 2023

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Adding to the havoc: microbiology and management following natural disasters
Kurtböke İpek, Çiçek Candan, Macreadie Ian
Microbiology Australia. 2023 44(4). p.175

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