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Angular Distributions in the Reactions 11B(d, p)12B and 11B(d, a)9Be

DG Sargood and GD Putt

Australian Journal of Physics 18(5) 491 - 496
Published: 1965


In recent years considerable interest has centred on the reaction mechanism in nuclear reactions. At bombarding energies of above about 5 MeV, it has been apparent for many years that (d, p) and (d, n) reactions tend to be dominated by the direct stripping reaction. With the advent of distorted wave stripping theories such as those of Tobocman (1959) and Robson (1961), it now appears that those reactions may proceed by a direct mechanism even at very low bombarding energies. Robson and Weigold (1963) have satisfactorily analysed the angular distributions obtained in the reaction llB(d, p)12B at bombarding energies of 1·02 MeV and 700keV.

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