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Analysis of the (p,2p) Reaction in an Asymmetric Energy-sharing Mode

R Smith, I Morrison and K Amos

Australian Journal of Physics 33(1) 1 - 24
Published: 1980


A half distorted-wave formalism, applicable specifically to the analysis of the (p,2p) reaction in an asymmetric energy-sharing mode, is developed. The formalism explicitly includes t-matrix operators of central and tensor forms, and the expansion of the technique to include an intermediate giant resonance excitation mechanism is discussed. Application is made to analyses of the 12C(p,2p) reaction in both symmetric and asymmetric energy-sharing geometries and, when semi-phenomenological effective interaction forms of the type in current use in the analysis of (p, p') data are used, it is shown that the spectroscopic information extracted from the analysis of the asymmetric mode (p,2p) data is in good agreement with the predictions of Op shell model calculations.

© CSIRO 1980

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