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Flux and reactive contributions to electron transport in methane.

K. F. Ness and A. M. Nolan

Australian Journal of Physics 53(3) 437 - 446
Published: 2000


A previously developed theoretical analysis (Nolan et al. 1997) is applied to the study of electron transport in methane for reduced electricfields in the range 1 to 1000 Td. The technique of analysis identifies the flux and reactive components of the measurable transport, without resort to the two-term approximation. A comparison of the results of the Monte Carlo method with those of a multiterm Boltzmann equation analysis (Ness and Robson 1986) shows good agreement. The sensitivity of the modelled electron transport to post-ionisation energy partitioning is studied by comparison of three ionisation energy partitioning regimes at moderate (300 Td) and high (1000 Td) values of the reduced electricfield.

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