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An assessment of a daily rainfall erosivity model for New South Wales

B Yu and CJ Rosewell

Australian Journal of Soil Research 34(1) 139 - 152
Published: 1996


A rainfall erosivity model using daily rainfall amounts to estimate rainfall erosivity was tested for 29 sites in New South Wales to see whether such a model could adequately describe the temporal variation and seasonal distribution of rainfall erosivity. The coefficient of determination varied from 0.57 to 0.97 and the average discrepancy between actual and estimated seasonal distribution was no more than 3%. A set of parameter values for sites without pluviograph data was recommended for New South Wales. With this set of recommended parameter values, the percentage of total variance explained was decreased to 44%–89% for the 29 sites. Large errors, however, can occur when estimating extreme storm erosivity with large return periods. The daily erosivity model could be used for determining the seasonal distribution of rainfall erosivity or for simulating changes to rainfall erosivity as part of climate change impacts assessment.

Keywords: rainfall erosivity, soil erosion.

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