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Australian Journal of Zoology Australian Journal of Zoology Society
Evolutionary, molecular and comparative zoology

On the relationships , classification aedeagal morphology and zoogeography of the genera of Pygiopsyllidae (Insecta : Siphonaptera)

DK Mardon

Australian Journal of Zoology 26(4) 841 - 841
Published: 1978


The classification of the siphonapteran family Pygiopsyllidae into subfamilies and genera is discussed, with an argument to support the weighting of genitalic characters in devising classifications of fleas. Among such characters the aedeagus is stressed as a most useful source of information on phylogenetic relationships. Methods of study of aedeagal characters and their interpretation in terms of relationships are described in detail, together with notes on previously published descriptions of pygiopsyllid aedeagi and on the specialized terminology used. The characters of each genus are discussed, with emphasis on those considered of greatest value in indicating relationships and with a detailed, comparative study of aedeagal characters. For many taxa these characters are described in detail for the first time. Conclusions concerning the phylogenetic relationships among pygiopsyllid genera are given, and a suitably revised classification is proposed. Finally, the zoogeographical distribution of the genera and newly proposed higher taxa is discussed.

© CSIRO 1978

Committee on Publication Ethics

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