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  Journal of the Australian Health Promotion Association
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Health Promotion Journal of Australia facilitates communication between researchers, practitioners and policy makers involved in health promotion activities. More

Editor in Chief: Jonine Jancey


blank image Health Promotion Journal of Australia
Volume 25 Number 2 2014

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Table of Contents 
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The Surgeon General’s ‘Smoking and Health’: a continuing challenge 
blank image
C. Binns , P. Howat , J. Jancey and S. Carter
pp. 69-70

blank image blank image blank image

Sustaining dignity? Food insecurity in homeless young people in urban Australia 
blank image
Belinda Crawford , Rowena Yamazaki , Elise Franke , Sue Amanatidis , Jioji Ravulo , Kate Steinbeck , Jan Ritchie and Siranda Torvaldsen
pp. 71-78

Focus group discussions were conducted with homeless young people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. Despite the support of specialist youth homelessness services, participants reported varying degrees of food insecurity. Barriers to food security and nutrition included poverty, reduced access to fresh foods and a desire for convenience.


blank image blank image blank image

The feasibility and appeal of mobile ‘apps’ for supporting healthy food purchasing and consumption among socioeconomically disadvantaged women: a pilot study 
blank image
Kylie Ball , Jennifer Mouchacca and Michelle Jackson
pp. 79-82

This pilot study assessed the feasibility and appeal of existing hand-held mobile technology (iPod or iPad) ‘apps’ as tools for promoting healthy food planning, shopping and eating behaviours among 19 socioeconomically disadvantaged women. A 4-week trial of seven currently available apps showed that selected apps were useable and appealing to participants.


blank image blank image blank image

Understanding food security issues in remote Western Australian Indigenous communities 
blank image
Christina M. Pollard , Anett Nyaradi , Matthew Lester and Kay Sauer
pp. 83-89
   |        Open Access Article

blank image blank image blank image

Public perceptions of cancer risk factors: a Western Australian study 
blank image
Anna MacTiernan , Lin Fritschi , Terry Slevin , Geoffrey Jalleh , Rob Donovan and Jane Heyworth
pp. 90-96

A cross-sectional survey was conducted to investigate the perception of cancer risk factors among Western Australian adults. Survey participants were asked to rate protective cancer factors and cancer risk factors to determine the alignment between scientifically established risk factors and the public’s perception of cancer risk factors.


blank image blank image blank image

Self-reported participation and beliefs about bowel cancer screening in New South Wales, Australia 
blank image
Megan Varlow , Ingrid Stacey , Sally Dunlop , Jane Young , James Kite , Anita Dessaix and Claire McAulay
pp. 97-103

Results from a population-based telephone survey of New South Wales adults were used to identify beliefs predicting participation in bowel cancer screening, as well as groups most likely to hold those beliefs. Education strategies promoting the need for screening in the absence of symptoms and correcting misconceptions about bowel cancer screening among subgroups of the New South Wales population may improve screening rates.


blank image blank image blank image

Treats: low socioeconomic status Australian parents’ provision of extra foods for their overweight or obese children 
blank image
Melanie Pescud and Simone Pettigrew
pp. 104-109

Overconsumption of treats is a contributor to children’s weight problems. This paper explores low socioeconomic parents’ beliefs and behaviours relating to their provision of treat foods for their overweight or obese children. There is considerable scope for improving these parents’ treating behaviours by understanding the relevant factors underpinning their situations and choices.


blank image blank image blank image

Australian school canteens: menu guideline adherence or avoidance? 
blank image
Julie Woods , Alex Bressan , Corrina Langelaan , Angela Mallon and Claire Palermo
pp. 110-115

This study of Australian online school canteen menus found that the majority of school canteens were not complying with relevant state or territory guidelines. Monitoring and enforcement by those responsible for policy together with efforts to build capacity for schools and manufacturers to improve the food supply may increase compliance.

   |        Open Access Article

blank image blank image blank image

Health policy in South Australia 2003–10: primary health care workforce perceptions of the impact of policy change on health promotion 
blank image
Gwyn Jolley , Toby Freeman , Fran Baum , Catherine Hurley , Angela Lawless , Michael Bentley , Ronald Labonté and David Sanders
pp. 116-124

We explore the impact of Australian policy reforms on health promotion. Thirty-nine interviews revealed workforce perceptions of the impact of policy changes. Health promoters experience contradictory policy and practice environments. This research should assist health promoters to advocate for more accountability in policy implementation to advance comprehensive primary health care.?


blank image blank image blank image

Review of policies and guidelines concerning adults’ alcohol consumption and promotion in Australian government schools 
blank image
Bernadette M. Ward , Penelope Buykx , Geoff Munro , Katrin Hausdorf and John Wiggers
pp. 125-128

A desktop review was conducted to examine the policy approach of all Australian jurisdictions to the possession and use of alcohol, by adults, at government school events when students are present. Inconsistencies between jurisdictions highlights the need for consistent evidence-based guidelines to inform school policies as to whether, when and under which circumstances it is appropriate for schools to promote and/or supply alcohol.


blank image blank image blank image

An exploratory study of smokers’ and stakeholders’ expectations of the implementation of a smoke-free policy in a university setting 
blank image
Sharyn Burns , Nicole Bowser , Jenny Smith , Jonine Jancey and Gemma Crawford
pp. 129-135

This qualitative study explores perceptions and attitudes of staff and student smokers and key stakeholders prior to the implementation of a complete campus ban on smoking at a large Australian university. Participants generally supported a complete smoke-free policy. Key themes associated with the policy implementation included health implications, stigmatisation and labelling, liberty and enforcement.


blank image blank image blank image

Translation of tobacco control programs in schools: findings from a rapid review of systematic reviews of implementation and dissemination interventions 
blank image
L. Wolfenden , J. Carruthers , R. Wyse and S. Yoong
pp. 136-138

A rapid review of the literature was conducted to identify reviews of implementation or dissemination strategies targeting the adoption of school-based tobacco prevention programs. Only one systematic review that included two randomised controlled trials was identified. Such findings suggest the need for more reviews of implementation research in this area.


blank image blank image blank image

An exploratory study identifying where local government public health decision makers source their evidence for policy 
blank image
Melissa Stoneham and James Dodds
pp. 139-142

blank image blank image blank image

Twitter tweets and twaddle: twittering at AHPA 
blank image
George Anderson , Suzanne Gleeson , Chris Rissel , Li Ming Wen and Karen Bedford
pp. 143-146

blank image blank image blank image

Drug and alcohol counsellors in community health settings reaching smokers from a low socio-economic community 
blank image
Andi Andronicos and Helen Achat
pp. 147-149

blank image blank image blank image

Creating a sustainable health promotion workforce in Australia: a health promoting approach to professionalisation 
blank image
Andrew Jones-Roberts , Janine Phillips and Kirsty Tinsley
pp. 150-152

blank image blank image blank image

The Healthy Living Network: addressing the gap in community-based obesity projects by supporting the development of evidence-based approaches and promotion via an online registration portal 
blank image
Lisa Thompson and Samantha How
pp. 153-153

blank image blank image blank image

These articles have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication. They are still in production and have not been edited, so may differ from the final published form.

    HE14059  Accepted 22 November 2014
    Key beliefs of hospital nurses’ hand hygiene decisions: peer protection and more salient cues
    Katherine White, Nerina Jimmieson, Nicholas Graves, Adrian Barnett, Wendell Cockshaw, Phillip Gee, Katie Page, Megan Campbell, Elizabeth Martin, David Brain, David Paterson

    HE14103  Accepted 05 November 2014
    EDITORIAL - Healthy Places and Spaces - The impact of the built environment & active transport on physical activity and population health
    Chris Rissel, Peter McCue

    HE14041  Accepted 01 November 2014
    Gender differences in effectiveness of the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) lifestyle intervention: an Australasian study.
    Lillian Kent, Darren Morton, Paul Rankin, Brett Mitchell, Esther Chang, Hans Diehl

    HE14062  Accepted 30 October 2014
    Prevention of postnatal mental health problems in women: knowledge exchange in primary care in Victoria, Australia
    Heather Rowe, Jane Fisher

    HE14030  Accepted 28 October 2014
    A qualitative study of smoking within a Western Sydney Arabic-speaking community: A focus on men in the context of their families
    Anastasia Phillips, Abdul Monaem, Christine Newman

    HE14053  Accepted 23 October 2014
    Associations between the frequency of cycling and domains of quality of life
    Melanie Crane, Chris Rissel, Christopher Standen, Stephen Greaves

    HE14004  Accepted 23 October 2014
    Active travel to work in NSW: trends over time and the effect of social advantage
    Alexis Zander, Chris Rissel, Kris Rogers, Adrian Bauman

    HE14050  Accepted 13 October 2014
    Developing a research and practice tool to measure walkability: A demonstration project
    Billie Giles-Corti, Gus Macaulay, Nick Middleton, Brian Boruff, Fiona Bull, Iain Butterworth, Hannah Badland, Suzanne Mavoa, Rebecca Roberts, Hayley Christian

    HE14034  Accepted 13 October 2014
    Pole walking down-under: Profile of pole walking leaders, walkers, and programs in Australia and factors relating to participation
    Juliette Fritschi, Jannique van Uffelen, Wendy Brown

    HE14055  Accepted 30 September 2014
    Love Bugs: promoting sexual health with young people in Samoa
    Emma Heard, Charlotte Pickering, Leveti Auvaa

    HE14038  Accepted 27 September 2014
    People’s experiences of using outdoor gym equipment in parks
    Susan Furber, Hayden Pomroy, Samantha Grego, Karen Tavener-Smith

    HE14057  Accepted 12 September 2014
    Incidental physical activity in Melbourne Australia: Health and economic impacts of mode of transport and suburban location
    Margaret Beavis, Marj Moodie

    HE14036  Accepted 11 September 2014
    Neighbourhood influences on perceived mental health in Master Planned Estates: a qualitative examination of resident perspectives
    Jacinta Francis, Billie Giles-Corti, Lisa Wood, Matthew Knuiman

    HE14051  Accepted 02 September 2014
    We need more active travel intervention research -Why not travel plans?
    Nicholas Petrunoff, Chris Rissel, Li Ming Wen, Jeni Bindon

    HE14037  Accepted 26 August 2014
    Design and promotion of an outdoor gym for older adults: a collaborative project.
    Ashleigh Scott, Vicki Stride, Leonie Neville, Myna Hua

    HE14042  Accepted 11 August 2014
    Healthy places, active transport and path dependence: a review of the literature.
    Melissa Hensley, Derlie Mateo-Babiano, John Minnery

    HE14039  Accepted 10 August 2014
    Building Partnerships for Healthy Environments: Research, Leadership and Education
    Thompson Susan, Jennifer Kent, Claudine Lyons

    HE14045  Accepted 28 July 2014
    Artificial light at night as a population health concern is a neglected aspect of the built environment
    Margaret Grose

The Most Read ranking is based on the number of downloads from the CSIRO PUBLISHING website of articles published in the previous 12 months. Usage statistics are updated daily.

Rank Paper Details
1. Published 17 April 2014
From evidence to action: health promotion and alcohol

Julia Stafford, Steve Allsop and Mike Daube

2. Published 19 December 2013
Academic and personal problems among Australian university students who drink at hazardous levels: web-based survey

J. Hallett, P. Howat, A. McManus, R. Meng, B. Maycock and K. Kypri

3. Published 17 April 2014
Health promotion: an ethical analysis

Stacy M. Carter

4. Published 17 April 2014
Getting Australia more active: challenges and opportunities for health promotion

A. P. Hills, S. J. Street and N. Harris

5. Published 19 December 2013
Building health promotion capacity in a primary health care workforce in the Northern Territory: some lessons from practice

Jenni Judd and Helen Keleher

6. Published 17 April 2014
Urban design and health: progress to date and future challenges

Melanie Lowe, Claire Boulange and Billie Giles-Corti

7. Published 9 September 2014
Sustaining dignity? Food insecurity in homeless young people in urban Australia

Belinda Crawford, Rowena Yamazaki, Elise Franke, Sue Amanatidis, Jioji Ravulo, Kate Steinbeck, Jan Ritchie and Siranda Torvaldsen

8. Published 17 April 2014
Mobilisation, politics, investment and constant adaptation: lessons from the Australian health-promotion response to HIV

Graham Brown, Daryl O'Donnell, Levinia Crooks and Rob Lake

9. Published 9 September 2014
Understanding food security issues in remote Western Australian Indigenous communities

Christina M. Pollard, Anett Nyaradi, Matthew Lester and Kay Sauer

10. Published 19 December 2013
Young adult perceptions of Australia’s physical activity recommendations for adults

Kim A. Jose, Verity J. Cleland, Alison J. Venn and Emily Hansen

11. Published 17 April 2014
Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about lung cancer in three culturally and linguistically diverse communities living in Australia: a qualitative study

Nicola Scott, Connie Donato-Hunt, Melanie Crane, Mayanne Lafontaine, Megan Varlow, Holly Seale and David Currow

12. Published 9 September 2014
An exploratory study identifying where local government public health decision makers source their evidence for policy

Melissa Stoneham and James Dodds

13. Published 17 April 2014
On the road to prevention: road injury and health promotion

Mark Stevenson and Jason Thompson

14. Published 19 December 2013
Key influences on motivations for utility cycling (cycling for transport to and from places)

Kristiann C. Heesch and Shannon Sahlqvist

15. Published 19 December 2013
Can small stores have a big impact? A qualitative evaluation of a store fruit and vegetable initiative

Breeana Gardiner, Miranda Blake, Raeleigh Harris, Carena Gee, Stella Charaktis, Christine Choong, Rebecca Lade, Laura Duff and Claire Palermo

16. Published 19 December 2013
Edible gardens in early childhood education settings in Aotearoa, New Zealand

A. Dawson, R. Richards, C. Collins, A. I. Reeder and A. Gray

17. Published 19 December 2013
The vocational education setting for health promotion: a survey of students’ health risk behaviours and preferences for help

Billie Bonevski, Ashleigh Guillaumier, Christine Paul and Raoul Walsh

18. Published 9 September 2014
Treats: low socioeconomic status Australian parents’ provision of extra foods for their overweight or obese children

Melanie Pescud and Simone Pettigrew

19. Published 17 April 2014
Closing the chasm between research and practice: evidence of and for change

Lawrence W. Green

20. Published 17 April 2014
Paradox of health care in the world’s greatest nation: commentary on the 2013 Annual American Public Health Association Conference in Boston

Peter Howat, Jonine Jancey and Colin Binns

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