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Sandra G Leggat

Australian Health Review 31(3) 331 - 331
Published: 2007


Models of care: do they make the difference? Australian Health Review invites contributions for the models of care section of the journal. This is a regular section and we welcome ongoing article submissions. Health care is delivered in countless ways for those who have debilitating illnesses or conditions. Stakeholders boast that it is the particular ?model of care? that makes the positive difference to patients and clients ? but, it has been difficult to ascertain the true impact of models of care on patient/client or system outcomes. To assist in clarifying this important area for health service management and policy decision making, we are looking for articles on case studies or research projects that suggest either positive or negative outcomes for specific models of care. Australian Health Review is looking to publish feature articles, research papers, case studies and commentaries related to your experience with specific models of care. We are particularly interested in papers that measure the model's effectiveness at a system, organisation and/or client level. Australian and New Zealand submissions are welcome, as well as international initiatives with lessons for Australia and New Zealand. Submissions can be short commentaries of 1000 to 2000 words, or more comprehensive reviews of 2000 to 4000 words. Please consult the AHR Guidelines for Authors for information on formatting and submission.

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