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Health Care Governance: Introduction

Alison Choy Flannigan and Prue Power

Australian Health Review 32(1) 7 - 9
Published: 2008


IN RECOGNITION OF the importance and the complexity of governance within the Australian health care sector, the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association has established a regular governance section in Australian Health Review. The aim of this new section is to provide relevant and up-to-date information on governance to assist those working at senior leadership and management levels in the industry. We plan to include perspectives on governance of interest to government Ministers and senior executives, chief executives, members of boards and advisory bodies, senior managers and senior clinicians. This section is produced with the assistance of Ebsworth & Ebsworth lawyers, who are pleased to team with the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association in this important area. We expect that further articles in this section will cover topics such as: ¦ Principles of good corporate governance ¦ Corporate governance structures in the public health sector in Australia ¦ Legal responsibilities of public health managers ¦ Governance and occupational health and safety ¦ Financial governance and probity. We would be pleased to hear your suggestions for future governance topics.

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