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Advance care planning, culture and religion: An environmental scan of Australian-based online resources

Amanda Pereira-Salgado , Patrick Mader , Leanne Boyd


Objectives: Culture and religion are important in advance care planning (ACP), yet it is not well understood how this is represented in ACP online resources. This study aimed to identify availability of Australian-based ACP websites and online informational booklets containing cultural and religious information. Methods: An environmental scanning framework was utilised with a Google search conducted from 30 June 2015 to 5 July 2015. Eligible Australian-based ACP websites and online informational booklets were reviewed by two analysts for information pertaining to at least one culture or religion. Common characteristics were agreed upon and tabulated with narrative description. Results: Seven Australian-based ACP websites were identified with varying degrees of cultural and religious information. Eight Australian-based ACP informational booklets were identified addressing culture or religion; of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander n=6, Sikh n=1, and Italian n=1 communities. Twenty other online resources with cultural and religious information were identified, developed within the context of health and palliative care. Conclusions: There is no comprehensive Australian-based ACP website or informational booklet supporting ACP across several cultural and religious contexts. Considering Australia’s multicultural and multi-faith population, such a resource may be beneficial in increasing awareness and uptake of ACP.

AH16182  Accepted 12 January 2017

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