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Process to establish eleven primary contact allied health pathways in a public health service

Michelle Stute , Nicole Moretto , Peter Buttrum , Maree Raymer , Merrilyn Banks , Sonia Sam , Marita Plunkett , Tracy Comans


Faced with longstanding and increasing demand for specialist outpatient appointments which was unable to be met through usual medical consultant led care, Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS) in 2014-2015, established eleven allied health primary contact outpatient models of care. The models involved six different allied health professions and nine specialist outpatient departments. All of the allied health models have been endorsed for continuation following demonstration of their contribution to managing demand on specialist outpatient services. This paper describes key features of the allied health primary contact models of care and presents preliminary data including new case throughput, impact on wait times, and enablers and challenges for clinic establishment.

AH16206  Accepted 17 March 2017

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