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Partnering with Consumers in the Public Reporting of Quality of Care: Review of the Victorian Quality of Care Reports

Charissa Zaga , Sandra Leggat , Sophie Hill


Objective: To investigate if the content of Victorian annual Quality of Care reports had an increased consumer participation focus following the introduction of the National Safety and Quality Health Service 'Partnering with Consumers' standard. Method:A mixed method approach comprising a comparative descriptive observational study design with quantitative data analysis. Nine large Victorian metropolitan public health services' annual Quality of Care reports from 2011 and 2014 were analysed using a purposely devised analysis framework. Results:For the 2014 Quality of Care reports, of the nine reports, only three reports demonstrated a higher consumer participation focus when compared with the 2011 reports. In one report the total scores remained the same, and in the remaining five there was less evidence of consumer participation in 2014 as compared to 2011. Conclusion:Overall, the study demonstrated mixed findings and in some cases, lower scores for the 2014 reports, which was after the introduction of the ‘Partnering with Consumers’ NSQHS standard, when compared to the 2011reports. Overall, there is future scope to enhance the degree of consumer participation evident within the Quality of Care reports.

AH16272  Accepted 06 June 2017

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