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The human dimension of health service management

Jo Martins , Godfrey Isouard , Brenda Freshman


Objective: This article identifies a deficiency in the post-graduate training curriculum with respect to the human dimensions of health services management. To address this deficit, the authors introduce models of practices to inform the development of training programs for managers and leaders to im-prove their competence in these critical areas. Methods: A review was undertaken of the literature in human resources management to identify key concepts that bind and strengthen the management of organisations. A curriculum content analysis was then carried out of post-graduate health management courses in Australia to assess the extent of inclusion in these areas. Results: Three concepts and practices of relevance to the human dimension of health management – personal engagement at work, emotional intelligence and conflict resolution – have been found to have concept validity, be associated with personal and organisational performance and capable of being imparted by training. The analysis indicated that none of the competencies/skills identified have been given emphasis in post-graduate health management courses in Australia. Conclusions: Competence in the management of human relationships in health services has been given low priority in university post-graduate training in health management in Australia. The cur-rent situation poses challenges to all stakeholders of health services.

AH17063  Accepted 17 July 2017

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