Animals: Invertebrates

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Cover image with a beetle.


Adam Dodd
Paperback - August 2016 - AU $24.99
A photograph of a bee on a yellow background with black text

More Than Honey

Markus Imhoof, Claus-Peter Lieckfeld
Paperback - January 2016 - AU $24.99
Cover image of green bug on pink flower.

Small Wonders

Kaisa Breeden, Stanley Breeden
Hardback - November 2014 - AU $39.99
cover of Butterflies


Ross Field
Paperback - July 2013 - AU $29.95
The cover image featuring a large yellow spider with long black stripped l


Jan Beccaloni
Hardback - September 2009 - AU $69.95
The cover image of Dust Mites, featuring a black and white microscopic vie

Dust Mites

Matthew J Colloff
Hardback - June 2009 - AU $160.00
cover of Bugs Alive

Bugs Alive

Alan Henderson, Deanna Henderson, Jessie Sinclair
Paperback - February 2008 - AU $32.95
Close up macro photograph of an ant.

Ants of Brisbane

Chris Burwell
Paperback - June 2007 - AU $5.00On sale until 10-Oct usually AU $11.95
cover of Undersea Jewels

Undersea Jewels

Gary Cobb, Richard Willan
Paperback - January 2006 - AU $54.95
cover of Venom


Ronald Jenner, Eivind Undheim
Paperback - October 2017 - AU $29.95
Cover featuring a portrait of a mandrill, with its hand over its mouth and

Zoo Ethics

Jenny Gray
Paperback - July 2017 - AU $49.95
Photographs of a mosquito, bat, leech, mite and spider on a red background


Paul Zborowski
Hardback - January 2017 - AU $19.99
cover of Deadly Oceans

Deadly Oceans

Nick Robertson-Brown, Caroline Robertson-Brown
Hardback - September 2016 - AU $65.00
cover of Australian Native Bees

Australian Native Bees

Anne Dollin, Katja Hogendoorn, Tim Heard, Saul Cunningham, Romina Rader, Manu Saunders, Tanya Latty, Caragh Threlfell, Tobias Smith, Megan Halcroft, Danielle Lloyd-Prichard
Paperback - September 2016 - AU $35.00
Image of sample $50 gift voucher, featuring blue and black text on a white

Gift Vouchers

Voucher - AU $25.00
Voucher - AU $50.00
Voucher - AU $100.00
Cover image featuring an illustrated Phasmid on dark foliage with an islan


Rohan Cleave, Coral Tulloch
Hardback - September 2015 - AU $24.95
cover of Manuka


Cliff Van Eaton
Paperback - October 2014 - AU $29.99
Cover image featuring a photograph of green and gold trees with a backgrou

Booderee National Park

David Lindenmayer, Christopher MacGregor, Nick Dexter, Martin Fortescue, Esther Beaton
Hardback - March 2014 - AU $29.95
Cover image features blue, green and yellow illustrations of dung beetles

Dung Down Under

Bernard Doube, Tim Marshall
Paperback - January 2014 - AU $10.00On sale until 10-Oct usually AU $36.30
The cover image of Living Waters, features four photogarphs, the top of a

Living Waters

Nick Romanowski
Paperback - October 2013 - AU $39.95
The cover image of Desert Channels, featuring a canoe on dried cracked ear

Desert Channels

Libby Robin, Chris Dickman, Mandy Martin
Paperback - September 2010 - AU $49.95
cover of Dangerous Marine Animals

Dangerous Marine Animals

Matthias Bergbauer, Manuela Kirschner, Robert F Myers, Geoffrey Waller
Paperback - February 2010 - AU $75.00


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