Geometrid Moths of the World

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The first comprehensive catalogue of the 35,00 names of these insects.

The Geometridae is one of the most species-rich families of Lepidoptera. This book is the first comprehensive catalogue of the 35 000 names of these insects. + Full description

The primary purpose of the work is to provide a substantial body of taxonomic information, much of it previously unpublished, on the available names of the Geometridae. The catalogue is based on the most complete world classification of the geometrids, the card index to genera and species in The Natural History Museum, London.

The two volumes include information on type specimens, type localities and, where possible, larval foodplants. A CD-ROM listing all species referred to in the two text volumes is included with the package and will be of great value to verify valid names and to check spelling.

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No longer available in a print edition.


". . . this catalogue is a masterpiece of taxonomic scholarship . . . is an indispensable tool of all systematists whose work involves Geometridae . . . a work of outstanding quality and of a standard that will be difficult to match."
I.J. Kitching (2000 Blackwell Science Ltd, Systematic Entomology 25, 273-282)

"By compiling this high-quality catalogue of geometrid moths Dr Scoble and his dedicated co-workers have rendered evolutionary biology an immense service. . . By giving access to the generic arrangement adopted in the unrivalled collections of The Natural History Museum, the Catalogue also provides managers of other collections with the first ever basis for curation of their entire geometrid holdings from many parts of the world."
— Professor Niels P. Kristensen, Department of Entomology, Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen

"Geometridae is one of the most species-rich families of Lepidoptera and hence of living organisms. This Catalogue is the first complete inventory of the named fauna of the family, a thorough synthesis of its known diversity and a critical resource to anyone studying biodiversity. The work is compiled by one of the most outstanding scientists in the field and is based on the collections, card index, library and other legacy data in The Natural History Museum, London, as well as information from many other sources. It is a truly significant contribution to the inventory of life on earth."
— Ebbe S. Nielsen, Director, Australian National Insect Collection


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