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Roles for veterinarians in wildlife conservation

Anne Martin

Pacific Conservation Biology 8(1) 3 - 7
Published: 2002


When it comes to conservation, veterinarians and other wildlife professionals have not always worked together. However, the gulf between them is rapidly narrowing as each becomes more aware of the need to co-operate with the other. Veterinarians have had to accept that their most effective role is as a member of a team, and that they need to acquire a broad understanding of biological and ecological issues in order to make meaningful contributions to wildlife conservation. In turn, biologists, ecologists, wildlife managers and others have begun to appreciate the unique skills of experienced wildlife veterinarians and the importance of disease as a threatening process. There is still progress to be made, but this will occur as the importance of multidisciplinary teamwork is better understood by all. There are many activities in wildlife management and conservation which can involve veterinarians, but veterinarians must be concerned with more than just the diagnosis and treatment of sick animals. The breadth and depth of their possible contributions extend far beyond this narrow view.

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