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Conserving Biodiversity: Threats and Solutions

Nick Reid

Pacific Conservation Biology 3(2) 166 - 168
Published: 1997


This book records the proceedings of a similarly titled conference organized by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service in June 1993. According to the editors, the book is a "systematic attempt . . . to cover the current and future threats to biodiversity" in New South Wales and Australia, and "highlights the range of solutions needed to conserve biodiversity". The book contains 35 chapters structured in seven sections (conserving biodiversity, habitat loss, degradation and pollution of water resources, weeds and feral animals, commercial use of native biota, changes to fire regimes, can governments solve the problems?), with two to eight chapters in each. The book is a scientific treatise, chapters being written with other researchers and scientifically trained government officials in mind.

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